5 Tips to make the office a healthier and more relaxing place during the holidays

The holidays bring lots of great things, twinkling lights, warm fireplaces, joyful music, gift exchanges and so much more. Unfortunately, with that often comes, increased traffic, end-of-year work deadlines, stress, weight gain and calendar juggling. Luckily, Stat-Technologies is always looking for ways to help make companies workplace environment a healthier place both mentally and physically. Here are 5 simple ideas to implement at your workplace this holiday season to make it the best (and healthiest) one yet!

1. Light a holiday candle such as gingerbread cookie, to create a comfortable environment. We recommend Soy or Beeswax candles, they are typically paraffin free and thus don’t release nasty chemicals into your indoor air.

2. Bring a treat for the office. Who doesn’t like a fresh fruit tray in the morning or some Starbucks coffee in the afternoon? When the office staff is happy, everyone is happy.

3. Keep the treats healthy. During the holidays, the junk food runs rampant so opt for healthier treats to please the co-workers. Instead of bowls of candy laying around, have bowls of mixed nuts or trail mixes.

4. Create a fun Friday environment. Not everyone in the office celebrates the same holidays in December so create a fun, neutral environment by having a theme each Friday in December. Friday themes could include, tacky sweater day, decorate your office cube day, bring a baked good for a potluck day, or have a white elephant exchange.

5. Bring a plant to work. Sound silly? Studies show that plants and flowers help create a more relaxed environment and put people in a better mood. Opt for a fun holiday plant or stick with something simple and green. Either way it is sure to help create an optimal ambiance.