Alere iScreen Cotinine


Rapid determination of smoking status.

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Unit: 25 Tests per box
Drug Panels: Cotinine

The Alere iScreen® OFD – Cotinine Test is a rapid oral fluid screening device that can be performed without the use of a machine. The test utilizes antibodies to selectively detect elevated levels of specific cotinine (nicotine) in human oral fluid.

The iScreen OFD Cotinine device is an all-inclusive screen test for nicotine using saliva. The device is confirmation ready and results can be photocopied. With no bathroom necessary, you can test anywhere. The detection time is 1-2 days after nicotine use.

Features of this device are:
• Simple mouth and gum swab with built-in test
• Integrated internal procedural control
• Room Temperature Storage
• Photocopy Template

It is simple to administer via oral swab, safely self-contained, and the results, delivered within 10 minutes, are 97.6 percent accurate. The iScreen OFD allows testing to be administered at the worksite, with any size population, at a cost significantly lower than lab-based testing.

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