Clinitek® Microalbumin Reagent Test Strips


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Unit: 25/box
Regulatory Status: CLIA Waived / Professional Use Only
Contents: 25 Microalbumin Test strips, Package insert
For Use With: CLINITEK Status®+ Analyzer
Storage Requirements: 18 to 30ºC (64 to 86ºF)
Determinations: MicroAlbumin
Processing Time: 1 minute

CLINITEK Microalbumin Reagent Test Strips are for use with the Clinitek Status Analyzer.  Using a small amount of urine, this test measures very small amounts of a protein called albumin.  Albumin is produced by your liver and your body uses it to grow and repair tissues as well as get rid of extra fluid.  When the kidneys are diseased or damaged, it’s easier for larger substances to pass into the urine. Albumin is one of the first larger substances to show up in the urine when the kidneys are damaged. For this reason, the microalbumin test,  is a good screening test for early kidney disease.

The CLINITEK Status®+ Analyzer features new automatic checks (Auto-Checks*). The analyzer automatically checks each test strip for humidity exposure, common sample interference’s and strip identification for Siemens test strips. Together, these provide improved clinical information.

  • Enhances confidence in clinical decisions with (Auto-Checks) performed on every test
  • Ensures consistent results interpretation with automatic timing and reading of every urine specimen
  • Ready for connectivity to data management solutions (DMS), via a simple upgrade kit
  • Offers a comprehensive point-of-care urinalysis menu for routine testing, detection of early kidney disease and hCG pregnancy testing
  • The CLINITEK Status+ Analyzer provides automated reading of the Multistix® family of urinalysis tests:
    • Leukocyte
    • Nitrite
    • Protein
    • Blood
    • Glucose
    • Ketone
    • Bilirubin
    • Urobilinogen
    • pH
    • Specific Gravity
    • Creatinine*
    • Protein-to-Creatinine Ratio*
    • Albumin
    • Albumin-to-Creatinine Ratio (ACR)
    • CLINITEST® hCG Pregnancy Test