Genetic Bundles

Save when you purchase multiple programs together.

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Genetic Bundles

SAVE hundreds of dollars by purchasing multiple Genetic Direction products together

When you purchase multiple programs at the same time, only one genetic test needs to be performed, so you can save money by ordering multiple programs at the same time! There is very little overlap between the programs, which allows for maximum information, all based on your unique genetic predisposition.

To build your custom bundle, please call 800-217-7828

23andMe Customer?

If you have already purchased and received Health + Ancestry genetic information from 23andMe, then you are eligible to purchase our genetic wellness products at a large discount – and you don’t have to submit another sample for DNA testing!

With your authorization, we will obtain your Health + Ancestry DNA data from 23andMe and generate your reports and recommendations from your existing data.  Since we don’t need to obtain another DNA sample from you, the turnaround time for your reports will be days, not weeks.

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