Key Cup AD 6-Panel: COC150 THC AMP300 mAMP500 OPI MDMA (OX CR PH)


COC150, THC, AMP300, mAMP500, OPI, MDMA (OX CR PH) Drug Screen
(25 count)

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Unit: 25 Cups per box
Drug Panels: Cocaine (cutoff 150), Marijuana, Amphetamine (cutoff 300), Methamphetamine (cutoff 500), Opiates and Ecstasy (OX CR PH)
Options: Adulterants

The Key Cup AD is an all-in-one drug test cup that allows simple to administer testing. With this cup you are able to collect and test a urine sample in a closed container, the test is initiated when the key is inserted. Results are read at 5 minutes and are stable up to 60 minutes. This cup features built-in validity tests for adulteration and temperature. The Key Cup AD has a photocopy template.

Features of this cup are:

* Simultaneous testing of up to 10 drugs
* Built-in validity screening Multiple configurations available
* Simple Procedure
* Fast Results
* Security Seal
* Temperature Strip
* Room Temperature Storage
* Photocopy Template

Key Cup Procedures

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 15 × 7 in