QuickVue iFOB Specimen Collection & Return Kit (40)


QuickVue iFOB – Specimen Collection / Return Kit. (40) Professional Use Only!!

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Safety Data Sheet

Unit: 1 Box (40 Kits)
Regulatory Status: CLIA Waived / Professional Use Only
Contents: 40 Kits (Each Collection/Return Kit contains the following: Specimen Collection Tube / ID Label, Specimen Collection Paper with Adhesive, Specimen Pouch, Absorbent Sleeve, Return Mailer, Patient Instructions)
For Use With: QuickVue iOFB
Storage Requirements: 59° – 86° F

The QuickVue iFOB Specimen Collection Pack is intended for use in conjunction with the QuickVue iFOB Test.  The kit includes the supplies necessary to allow the patient to collect the sample in the privacy of their own home then mail it to the doctor’s office or lab for testing.

QuickVue iFOB Specimen Collection Pack Includes 40 Specimen Collection & Return Kits with each containing:

1 Specimen Collection Tube containing 2 mL FOB Buffer & Patient Identification Label
1 Specimen Collection Paper with Adhesive
1 Specimen Pouch
1 Absorbent Sleeve
1 Return Mailer
1 Set of Patient Instructions


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