QuickVue iFOB – Tray Pack (50)


QuickVue iFOB – Tray Pack

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Safety Data Sheet

Unit: 1 Box (50 Tests)
Regulatory Status: CLIA Waived / Professional Use Only
Contents: (50) Test Cassette, (50) Specimen Collection Tube, (1) Package Insert
Determinations: Qualitative Immunochemical Fecal Occult Blood (iFOB)
Storage Requirements: 59° – 86° F
Sample Volume: 6 Drops
Processing Time: 5 – 10 Minutes

The QuickVue iFOB Test is a high-sensitivity, single-step, immunochemical assay that offers the qualitative detection of occult blood in fecal matter in less than 10 minutes.  The iFOB test employs standard antibodies specific to undegraded (undigested) human hemoglobin, making detection more specific to bleeding originating from the lower gastrointestinal tract.  Intestinal bleeding is an important indicator of many serious and potentially life-threatening conditions, such as diverticular disease, colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, infectious diarrhea, parasites, angiodysplasia, and colorectal cancer.  Prognosis of each of these conditions improves exponentially with early detection and treatment, making QuickVue iFOB testing a valuable, life-saving tool.

QuickVue iFOB Test Tray Pack Includes:

50 Individually Packaged Test Cassettes
50 Specimen Collection Tubes containing 2 mL FOB Buffer
1 Package Insert

*Important Note:  This product is intended for on-site sample collection.

Key Features:

  • Fast & Convenient – One-step process yields results in 5 to 10 minutes
  • Accurate – 98% Accuracy
  • Easy-to-Read – Color endpoint qualitative results
  • Dependable Performance – Employs both Internal & External Controls to insure compliance and confidence in results
  • Long Shelf Life – 24 months from date of manufacture
  • No special storage or shipping required – Stable at Room Temperature (59-86 degrees F)
  • CLIA Waived

About Immunochemical Fecal Occult Blood Testing (iFOB)
iFOB (immunochemical fecal occult blood) testing is a highly sensitive method of detection for occult (hidden) blood in the stool.  It is most often used as an early detection screen for colorectal cancer and other diseases that may cause intestinal bleeding.  iFOB has become the preferred method of occult blood screening due to its high rate of accuracy, ease of use, and convenience.  There are no dietary restrictions or preparations necessary prior to testing, which make patients far more likely to comply with the screening process.

The iFOB test utilizes antibodies which adhere only to the globin segment of un-degraded human hemoglobin.  This method reduces the occurrence of false-positives caused by dietary peroxidases (found in certain vegetables), animal blood (from red meat), and ascorbic acid (vitamin C).  This also makes the test more specific to the detection of lower GI bleeding.  The lateral-flow assay employs antibody/antigen lines of capture to interpret and display a clear indication of the result.  These important features make iFOB testing, and more specifically the QuickVue iFOB test, superior to other types of fecal occult blood tests.


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