SpotChem EZ ALT Test Strips


For in vitro quantitative determination of ALT using the SpotChem EZ Analyzer.

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Unit: 1 Box
Regulatory Status: CLIA Waived / Professional Use Only
Contents: 25 ALT Test Strips, 1 Reagent Card, Package Insert
Determinations: Alanine Aminotransferase
For Use With: SpotChem EZ Analyzer
Storage Requirements: 36° – 46° F
Processing Time: 6- 7 minutes
Sample Volume: 250 µL whole blood, 100 µL serum

The Spot Chem Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) tests are for use with the Spot Chem EZ Analyzer.  ALT is normally found inside liver cells. However, when your liver is damaged or inflamed, ALT can be released into your bloodstream. This causes serum ALT levels to rise.

Measuring the level of ALT in a person’s blood can help doctors evaluate liver function or determine the underlying cause of a liver problem. The ALT test is often part of an initial screening for liver disease.

The Spot Chem EZ Analyzer is a small, portable, CLIA waived bench top chemistry analyzer that utilizes dry chemistry technology. The system can run panels, single tests or a combination so you can test the way you need to. The SPOTCHEM EZ accepts whole blood or serum samples and is calibrated automatically with the swipe of a magnetic card. It is fully automated with walk-away operation for easy, on-the-spot testing. No sample pre-treatment is required. Available in human and veterinary models.