Coag-Sense™ PT/INR Test Strip Kit


The Coag-Sense™ PT/INR Test Strip Kit includes: Coag-Sense Test Strips (box of 50), 2 high and 2 low control strips, 1 control activation solution vial, 54 capillary tubes & plungers.

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Unit: 1 Box
Regulatory Status: CLIA Waived (whole blood) / Professional Use Only
Contents: 50 Patient Test Strips, 4 Controls (2 high/2 low), 1 Control Activation Solution, 54 Capillary Tubes & Plungers, Package Insert
For Use With: Coag-Sense™ PT/INR Professional Meter
Determinations: Prothrombin Time (PT)/INR
Storage Requirements: 59° F- 86° F
Sample Volume: 10µL
Processing Time: <1 minute

The Coag-Sense™ PT/INR Monitoring System. The first PT/INR system to directly detect clot formation representing a breakthrough in PT/INR testing design simplicity!

  • Uses micro-mechanical means to physically pick up clot when formed
  • Offers unmatched accuracy, precision and safety
  • Greater linearity in high INR range (>3.0 INR) and precision of 2.5% CV
  • Not dependent on Hemoglobin and Hematocrit levels
  • Can run whole blood samples and true plasma controls
  • Each kit comes with 50 test strips plus 4 controls (2 high/2 low) and 54 capillary tubes and plungers
  • Each test strip is barcoded, no calibration code/chip required
  • Test strips have up to a two year shelf life, no refrigeration required


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