Coag-Sense™ Sample Transfer Tubes w/Plunger


The Coag-Sense™ Sample Transfer Tubes w/Plunger consists of a tube of 54 tubes and plungers.

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Unit: 1 Tube
Regulatory Status: CLIA Waived (whole blood) / Professional Use Only
Contents: 54 Sample Transfer Tubes w/Plunger
For Use With: Coag-Sense™ PT1 or PT2 Professional Meter
Determinations: Prothrombin Time (PT)/INR
Storage Requirements: 59° F- 86° F
Sample Volume: 10µL
Processing Time: <1 minute

Sample Transfer Tubes w/Plunger offer easy collection and application of blood sample to the test strip. Since only the tube touches the patient’s finger, they provide bloodborne pathogen control and reduce instrument cleaning between patients. Test strip waste is also reduced as you know you have enough sample before you apply the blood to the strip. Each Coag-Sense® Test Strip Kit includes a vial of sample transfer tubes. Extra tubes can be ordered with or without the plunger preloaded. For information on Preloaded Tubes, see item #03P52-55

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