Summer Health and Wellness Tips

Ah the summer.  A time to unwind, relax, vacation and soak up some sun.  Wait.  Let’s return to reality.  While summer looks great on paper, it can actually be extra stressful.  Kids are out of school and constantly needing to be entertained, picnics run rampant which pack on the schedule (and the pounds), and work can be crazy while filling in for people while they take time off.

Don’t forget to take some time for your mental and physical wellness this summer by utilizing some of the easy tips below!

  • Stay Hydrated- No matter where you are you, it gets hot in the summer.  Don’t underestimate the power of drinking more water.  Be careful about getting too much of your liquid intake from sports drinks, as many are very high in sugar and can be a killer in the calorie department.  If you start to get bored of plain old water, try adding fresh fruit to your water bottle for an extra flavor punch.  Lemon, lime, cucumbers and oranges are all great flavor additions.
  • Volunteer – Sound unconventional? Volunteering is actually a great way to gain better mental wellness and the summer offers a ton of extra ways to get involved, plus you can make it a family affair!  According to an article by, volunteering has been proven to combat mental stress, create happiness, connect you with others and increase self-confidence.  (See full article here:
  • Enjoy all the delicious, yet healthy, summer foods. Some of the healthiest and nutritious foods are at their peak in the summer. Hit up your local farmers markets and indulge in sweet watermelon, tomatoes, carrots, radishes, beets, healthy teas and so much more. Eating foods during their prime ripeness in the summer means you are getting more flavor but also more nutrients.  Like chips?  You’re in luck because peppers are in season so fresh salsa is easy to come by.  Choose healthier chip options such as those with enhanced ingredients such as quinoa and chia seeds.
  • Take a long weekend. You don’t have to dedicate an entire week for a vacation, sometimes just a quick trip can be all you need to recharge yourself and reconnect.  Even a “staycation” can be a fun break.  Many hotels offer spa day passes that let you relax and enjoy amenities the entire day.  In addition to spa services, hotels are offering various other packages that may include local activities, dining or enhanced services.  Many even have rooms with exercise equipment in them!
  • Where ever your summer takes you, make sure you take advantage of all the outdoor activities and extended hours!!